Together Gear Players

Jess Desbrow • The Poncho Mama, outdoor maniac, former outward bound instructor, current chiropractor, and mother of two. An appreciator of excellent and thoughtful technical gear, she quickly realized that much of the motherhood industry was not making wares for the truly active parent.

David Rafn• Pattern-maker, father, fan of quirky creations. Patiently listened to the poncho dream and made it come alive. Worked with Portland Garment Factory to get it from paper to poncho.

Tamara Rogers • Pattern-reviser, engineer, sailor. Brought the first round poncho pattern to a constructive reality.

Tripp Frey• Outdoor apparel creator and enthusiast, optimist, mentor. When the poncho was about to be put on the shelf, Tripp appeared with ideas, encouragement, and key introductions.

Changmin • Poncho producer, communicator extraordinaire, the “yes man.” Enabled the poncho to be produced with the best materials and features.

Michelle Corbett • Multi-talented designer, avid baby-wearer, big thinker. Crusader of the Mama Baby Poncho.

Carole Barr• The poncho mama’s mama, cheerleader, investor. Helped fund the initial purchase to get our first batch of ponchos. Thanks mom!

Frank McDonnell • Distribution manager, scooter seller, brutally honest Jersey boy. Gives sage business advice at every turn and gets the ponchos off the shelves and into your hands.

Shanti Hodges • Mega motivational mama, getting thousands of parents on foot with Hike It Baby. Helped immensely in the poncho’s first year, and we continue to be each others biggest fans.

Megan Bilby •Heavy duty hiker, smiles like it’s her job, social media mistress.  Helping to keep the buzz going far and wide.