What sizes does the poncho come in? 
The Mamababy Poncho is a one size fits most. We tried the current poncho out on many folks and found the current model fits most people. If you are unsure of the fit, try checking out one of the stores in your area.

Is the poncho waterproof? 
Yes it is. The poncho is made of a soft exterior tough 2.5 layer waterproof breathable material with all seams taped. That simply means the material is a technical, water-resistant, breathable membrane that allows you to wear the poncho outdoors for many hours. We have personally wear tested the poncho in 3 hours of down pouring rain thanks to our lovely Oregon weather, and found the jacket holds up spectacularly. Of course no jacket can hold up indefinitely in rain unless it’s plain old rubber, but this is about as good as they come for waterproof and breathable combos.

Why does the poncho cost what it costs?
We have spared no expense with making this poncho high quality and we want it to last a long time, so this extra care costs money. We could have banged out a cheap-o solution, but we want to wear this jacket for all of the outdoor adventures we go on, so why skimp? Once you see all of the little details in the poncho, it’s easier to understand why it costs what it costs. Also, remember this jacket can be worn once baby grows up by removing the baby hood. Then it can become an awesome hiking and biking jacket!

Will one-size really fit all?
It is designed to fit on the shorter side, for a more sassy feel- quite unlike a typical rain poncho. For really tall or wide folks, you may find it to feel slightly short, but that’s why we sell them in stores for you to give them a try. No store in your area? Get your local shop to carry them by contacting us and giving us the name of the shop!

Is the poncho also good for cold days?
The poncho makes an excellent shell for snowy, cold or windy days. It is uninsulated, and thus does not add much heat beyond blocking the elements and trapping in you and your baby’s warmth. The baby leg warmer pocket and parent handwarmer pocket inside are so great on these days. The flaring nature of a poncho makes it more breathable overall, and by design, we have found that an ideal heat balance while being active with a little one on your chest…which can really get hot in there.

What makes this jacket good for wearing while riding bikes?
We have many many poncho owners now who either have grown children or none at all just for it’s prowess on the bike. You can see on the video that you get excellent coverage and breathability with a bike poncho. And we added features like the elastic thumb loops just for the ability to keep the poncho over the handlebars while riding to protect your legs from the elements.

Can I wear the baby on my back with the poncho?
We made an early version of the poncho intended toward back baby-wearing, but with much wear-testing, parents always tended to switch their babies to the front when it was really raining, to ensure hoods stayed on and babies were situated to stay dry. So the current design is not really geared toward back wearing… though I have used it that way on occasion, by turning the jacket around and tucking in the adult hood. So you end up hoodless, but your babe keeps his/her hood on. This has worked especially well when in colder or windier places where I needed the shell warmth more than the rain protection.

Why aren’t the ponchos made in the USA?
Great question! Oh how we wish that could have been possible. For the most part, no one in North America would even speak to us because we were a small company, and for the one that did their costs (for a lesser garment- ie: no seams taped) were over four times higher than production overseas. For better or worse, the technical outwear production industry is not in the US- at least for us little guys. If anyone knows otherwise, we are all ears!

Is the fleece liner of the hoods the same on all jacket colors?
Yes, it is a red wine color.

How can I get the poncho in a store in my area?
We welcome new retailers so please feel free to have any store owners in your town be in touch with us to get set up.

Do you ship overseas and how long does it take?

Yes, we only charge $12 shipping for all international orders and it takes approximately 10 days to go as far as Norway, for example.